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How To Press The Play Button On Your Life

Play. Press Play. Now. Today. Tomorrow. Every day! Is YOUR finger on the play button? Almost seven years later and my finger is still stuck…

Stay In Your Lane Until The End Or It Is Time To Change Course

"Stay in your lane. Live within your means. Heed that advice and you'll never ever go wrong you know." Unknown How many times have you…

Slim, Fluffy Or In-Between, You Are Enough! Stop Trying To Fit In!

Slim? Good. Fluffy, as they say in Jamaica, or curvy? Great. Fall somewhere in between both? Excellent! Point is, whatever your weight you are perfect!…

3 Reasons Why You Should Push Or 3 Reasons To Back Off!

3 and 3 that is what we will share with you today. Reasons to push and reasons why you should just back off and allow…