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“Instagram Therapy” And How Women Use Social Media For Mental Health Support, Solidarity

“Instagram therapy” and how women use social media for mental health support, solidarity by Fanny Gravel-Patry, Concordia University Women make up the majority of people living…

Bipolar Disorder: Explainer – What Is It?

Bipolar Disorder - "Explainer: what is bipolar disorder?" by Greg Murray, Swinburne University of Technology During a manic episode, the main character of popular television series…

Americans Are in a Mental Health Crisis – Especially African Americans. Can Churches help?

"Americans are in a mental health crisis – especially African Americans. Can churches help?" by Brad R. Fulton, Indiana University Centuries of systemic racism and everyday…

Falling Through The Safety Net: Youth Are At The Heart Of Canada’s Mental Health Crisis

"Falling through the safety net: Youth are at the heart of Canada’s mental health crisis" by Ranmalie Jayasinha and Patricia Conrod  Canada is grappling with…