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Change You First In 2022: That’s The Plan

"Change you first." That was one of the best pieces of advice ever given to me. Many of us resist change. That has never been…

How To Think And Thrive This New Year

How can the new year be more epic for you? Can you change how you think to help you thrive? During my studies at a…
fully free

New Year Resolution: Fully Free In 2022, Will You Be?

Fully Free: It is one of the many promises to myself that I have kept: to be fully free. Now 56 years old, my journey…

December 2020: The End Of A Difficult Year

December was a most anticipated month and this year it was for entirely different reasons. A Corona Christmas is not what any of us thought…

Life Lessons: Karma, Timed Misfortunes Or Crappy Coincidences? Which Are They?

Life lessons, you say but many call them a gong show, happenstance and other unsavoury names. In the coming weeks, Michael H. Ballard, a man…
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New Year’s Resolution Tips For 2021: Focus On Getting To The End Of COVID-19

New Year's Resolution Tips For 2021 by Katherine Arbuthnott, University of Regina Welcoming the new year may feel a bit different this year, given the…

Resolutions, Goals Or Intentions: How Women Can Imagine An Amazing 2021

Resolutions. Do you make them? Or, are you more the Goal-setting kind of woman? Personally, while I do make goals but when it comes to…