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Survey Shows Some Bosses Are Using The Pandemic As An Excuse To Push Workers

"Survey shows some bosses are using the pandemic as an excuse to push workers" by Stephanie Ross, McMaster University and Wayne Lewchuk, McMaster University A middle-aged…

The Coronavirus Pandemic Has Revealed How Fragile Everyday Life Is

Fragile. "The coronavirus pandemic has revealed how fragile everyday life is" by Carol Linnitt, University of Victoria Moments of social disruption are a valuable reminder that…

Pandemic Prompts More Teachers To Consider Early Retirement Or New Career

"Pandemic prompts more teachers to consider early retirement or a new career" by Gema Zamarro, University of Arkansas; Andrew Camp, University of Arkansas; Dillon Fuchsman, Saint…

How COVID-19 Could Impact Travel For Years To Come

Travel: "How COVID-19 could impact travel for years to come" by John Gradek, McGill University In late 2019, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) published its…

Beating Coronavirus Requires Faith Leaders To Bridge Gap Between Religion And Science

Beating coronavirus requires faith leaders to bridge the gap between religion and science by Katherine Marshall While many religious communities have embraced physical distancing measures…

Together. With COVID-19’s Third Wave, We’re Far From ‘All In This Together’

With COVID-19's Third Wave, We're Far From 'All In This Together' by Yvonne Su Ontario Premier Doug Ford posted a photo of himself making cheesecake…
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Pandemic December: How To Stay Connected And Resilient In A COVID-19 Holiday Season

Pandemic December - By Kerri Ritchie & Caroline Gerin-Lajoie A new perspective and approach may be required to get through this year’s pandemic-heavy holiday season.…

Keeping Up With Technology: How Well Are You Doing On That Front?

"Keeping up with the Joneses" -almost sure you have heard that saying. However, today we want to briefly ask you how well are you keeping…