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Cure For The Perpetual Helper: Answer These Questions And Be Healed

Perpetual: continuing forever or for a very long time without stopping happening all the time or very often Once upon a time, in a land far away I was a servant. In fact, several times and in many lands, I … Continue reading

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Philanthropy’s Bad Reputation Could Put Big Donors Off Giving – Here’s Why It Matters

Philanthropy’s bad reputation could put big donors off giving – here’s why it matters” by Beth Breeze, University of Kent Within hours of the Notre Dame Cathedral fire, half a billion Euros had been raised in donations by leading French business … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary: We Are One Year Old!

Happy Anniversary to us! It has been one year since the Daughters of Sheba Foundation was incorporated and we are ever so grateful for the blessing! It is a big deal to us. Why? Well, it is a wish, a … Continue reading

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Giving While Female: Women Are More Likely To Donate To Charities

Giving While Female: Women are more likely to donate to charities than men of equal means by Tessa Skidmore and Charles Sellen The American poet Ambrose Bierce wrote in 1906 that a philanthropist is “a rich (and usually bald) old … Continue reading

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