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Toronto Caribbean Carnival Should Bring Attention To Anti-Black Racism

"Toronto Caribbean Carnival should bring attention to anti-Black racism affecting communities," by Hyacinth Simpson, Toronto Metropolitan University Every summer Toronto plays host to revellers and spectators,…

Ukraine Refugee Crisis Exposes Racism

"Ukraine refugee crisis exposes racism and contradictions in the definition of human" by Philip S. S. Howard, McGill University; Bryan Chan Yen Johnson, McGill University, and…

How White Saviourism Harms International Development

"How white saviourism harms international development" Maïka Sondarjee, L’Université d’Ottawa/University of Ottawa and Dickson Kanakulya, Makerere University A little while ago, two comedians on a…

Can A College Course Teach Students To ‘Unlearn’ Racism?

"Can a college course teach students to ‘unlearn’ racism?" by Jennifer E. Cross, Colorado State University Many Americans are asking how they can be more sensitive…

Brain Scans Of Black women Who Experience Racism Show Trauma

"Brain scans of Black women who experience racism show trauma-like effects, putting them at higher risk for future health problems" ~ Sierra Carter, Georgia State University…

Power In Numbers: Making Visible The Violence Against Racialized Women

Power in numbers: Making Visible The Violence Against Racialized Women by Miwa A. Takeuchi Violence and pain change the way we experience our surroundings and…
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Why Some Words Hurt Some People And Not Others

Why some words hurt some people and not others by Dalla Malé Fofana The October 2020 controversy at the University of Ottawa surrounding the use…