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Society Can Be Controlled Through Its Means Of Communication

"Society can be controlled through its means of communication" by Isaac Nahon-Serfaty, L’Université d’Ottawa/University of Ottawa Venezuelan philosopher, Antonio Pasquali, who wrote extensively about how media…
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4 Ways To Have A Positive Experience On Social Media

"4 ways to have a positive experience when engaging with social media," by Lisa Tang, University of Guelph and Stephanie K. Nishi, Universitat Rovira i Virgili…

The Dark Side Of Social Media Influencing

"The dark side of social media influencing" by Samira Farivar, Carleton University; Fang Wang, Wilfrid Laurier University, and Ofir Turel, The University of Melbourne Do you…

“Instagram Therapy” And How Women Use Social Media For Mental Health Support, Solidarity

“Instagram therapy” and how women use social media for mental health support, solidarity by Fanny Gravel-Patry, Concordia University Women make up the majority of people living…

#FoodPorn: People are more attracted to social media content showcasing fatty foods

"#FoodPorn: People are more attracted to social media content showcasing fatty foods" by Ethan Pancer, Saint Mary’s University and Matthew Philp, Ryerson University Life outside…

Six Big Digital Trends To Watch In 2022

"Six big digital trends to watch in 2022" by Theo Tzanidis, University of the West of Scotland According to recent McKinsey research, 2021 was a…

Popular or Simply A Decent Human Being? Which Are You?

Popular - it seems that just about everyone is wanting to be the next big thing. We have social media profiles, including Facebook, Instagram and…

Women, Stop Fighting Each Other!

Women and fighting, unfortunately, can oftentimes be synonymous. Before going to bed at nights, one of my routines is to view some Facebook Watch videos.…