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Marianne Williamson And The Religion Of ‘Spirituality’

Marianne Williamson and the religion of ‘spirituality’ by Galen Watts, Queen’s University, Ontario Marianne Williamson recently burst onto the political scene as a somewhat unconventional candidate vying for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination in the United States. While she has never … Continue reading

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How To Be Poor In Spirit Despite How Much Money You Have

Poor: In pocket or in spirit? Which are you or are you both? That is a question I asked myself some years ago. And the following is the reflection that was pursued. Poor vs Rich Women She and I had … Continue reading

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Is Christianity Fading, Dying In People’s Hearts And Lives In The Western Countries?

Christianity. It has been on life support for some time now. At least that is what some think. Wrote about this possibility a few years ago. Today, I am resharing that piece for discussion and conversation. Continue reading ⬇ Will … Continue reading

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“Brand Yourself,” She Insisted. Response “I Am A New Thought Womanist”

“A womanist is a Black feminist or feminist of colour. Black American activist and author Alice Walker used the term to describe Black women who are deeply committed to the wholeness and well-being of all of humanity, male and female. … Continue reading

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