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Tap Into The Attitude Of Gratitude In Three Simple Steps

Tap – what does that really mean? One of the definitions offered is “Tap – to strike lightly especially with a slight sound.” One could therefore understand that gratitude is not something you have to pound on the doors in order to access. A slight and intentional tap will do. Cultivating Gratitude “Gratitude brings light … Read More

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Without Child Care, Work And Family Are Impossible

Without child care, work and family are impossible – by Shauna Shames, Rutgers University I have a PhD from Harvard and a 20-month-old child. Without child care, life revolves around the toddler. I am a political science professor and researcher, but lacking child care, I count myself lucky to work a few hours each day. Without … Read More

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The World Needs More Women Leaders — During COVID-19 And Beyond

The world needs more women leaders — during COVID-19 and beyond. This article was written by Louise Champoux-Paillé, Concordia University; Anne-Marie Croteau, Concordia University, and Steven H. Appelbaum, Concordia University. With the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic top of mind for most of our leaders, economic recovery plans are being studied and analyzed by researchers. As … Read More

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Violence Against And By Women: Let’s Be Honest About It!

Violence against women is a taboo subject in some quarters. Highlighted mainly in the media, however, it is less spoken about among girlfriends. Is that not ironic? Our closest friends are usually the last to know that we are targets of violence, especially when the perpetrator is in our homes. Elimination Of Violence Against Women … Read More

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Stop Being Tolerated: The ABC To Self Celebrate

Stop. Seems as if we keep telling you to stop doing, accepting or allowing so many things. Today’s Stop Sign was installed by a conversation with Clara Brown, one of the Directors here at Daughters of Sheba Foundation. Celebrate Good Times For almost two decades now, we have heard preachers, politicians and ordinary folk alike … Read More

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