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Young People Around The World Can Save Democracy

"Young people around the world can save democracy — but they need our help" by Evelyn Namakula Mayanja, Carleton University A photograph recently circulated on social…
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Why We Should Pay Attention To The Power Of Youth

Young people. "Why we should pay attention to the power of youth" by Heather L. Ramey, Brock University; Heather Lawford, Bishop's University, and Linda Rose-Krasnor,…
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Are You Making A Difference? Here’s How You Can One Life At A Time

Are you making a difference in anyone's life?  What about a young person's? This month, we are celebrating Youths and invite you to take a…
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Impact Of Child Mental Health Problems Is Worse Than 40 years Ago

Child Mental Health. Impact of child mental health problems is worse than 40 years ago – our new study suggests by Naomi Warne, Cardiff University…

Falling Through The Safety Net: Youth Are At The Heart Of Canada’s Mental Health Crisis

"Falling through the safety net: Youth are at the heart of Canada’s mental health crisis" by Ranmalie Jayasinha and Patricia Conrod  Canada is grappling with…

Depression: The Silent Second Plague During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Depression. This was the description about this condition on our Facebook page this morning: Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not,…