Directors of Daughters of Sheba Foundation number five.

Here is some background on the four main players who are working to uplift others.


Clara Brown

Director & Secretary

Clara Brown is one of the original members of the Daughters of Sheba Facebook group. She is an Insurance Executive in Jamaica and a very wise woman. Clara writes motivational articles, drawing from her life experience as a career woman, mother and mentor of young people. Consistently and unabashedly, Clara draws on her childhood growing … Read More

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claudette esterine-campbell

Claudette Esterine-Campbell


She describes herself as “A woman with an interesting past, imagining her future daily with You.” Claudette is a living, breathing human becoming who daily experiences life as a: Mother Grandmother of two beautiful girls Master’s degree holder in International Relations and a second pending in Theological Studies Communications and Marketing professional and lecturer with … Read More

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Gloria Rose-Saunders

Vice President & Treasurer

Gloria migrated to Great Britain with her family as a child but returned to Jamaica when she married and started her own business there. One of the foundational members of our Facebook group since its inception, Gloria is a graduate of St. Hugh’s High, a former banker with 23+ years and now a business owner. … Read More

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Aims Abson

Director - Canadian Outreach

Aims Abson is one of those people who you meet and love on the spot. A Canadian survivor, that’s how we think of her – survivor – as Aims have been surviving everything life has thrown at her. She owns a thriving jewellery business in Alberta, Canada and is active in the arts community of … Read More

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