Student Data Campaign – Now Closed

Help Us Help A Student Go Back To School

As the education of children all across our world is hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, some schools are discussing how to reopen while many have already decided to remain closed.

Far too many parents in Jamaica simply cannot afford the alternative to in-school learning. Daughters of Sheba Foundation has decided to help.

We are seeking donation to help 10-20 Jamaican children to access online learning. Already, private donors have stepped forward but if we are to meet our target, we need your help!


  1. “We are greatly appreciative of this initiative. We are hereby confirming our participation as we are certain our selected students will benefit significantly from this act of kindness.” Those are the words Daughters of Sheba Foundation received from the Principal of Gibraltar All-Age School, located in St. Ann, Jamaica. She was responding to our formal invitation to be the recipient school for this Student Data Grant Campaign.
  2. We received a list of nine (9) children PLUS their siblings from Gibraltar All-Age School although we told them we had enough donations for only three. After deliberating, we decided to go ahead with seven (7) children along with their siblings who will access the data through hot spots. Last night, October 12, 2020, data was sent to three of the seven. The others will receive once their parents sort technical issues on their data accounts. Therefore, to date, we are helping four students in total, as on October 1, 2020 data was sent to 3-year-old Adam’s mother as a special case.

3. All seven (7) children from Gibraltar All-Age School have now received data for the period October – November 2020. Along with Adam, we are servicing approximately 21 children! As well, we are not only C$149 short of our target but there is time for you to help us out, please and thank you!


At this point, we have received cash or pledges in the amount of C$851 as of October 23, 2020.


A big thanks to everyone who said “Yes,” to help us with our Students Data Grant Initiative.
The government of Jamaica has stepped up its efforts to provide equipment and improve access to online learning to a good number of students on the island. As well, many schools have already or set to return to in-class learning. We are happy to see that.
Our initial campaign goal was C$1,000 and although we did not reach that, we are ending the campaign at this point. We received and/or had pledged to us a total of C$851 and have provided data to:
  • Seven students at Gibraltar All-Age School plus their siblings in the month of October. As well, we provided data for one child who also lives in St. Ann but attending a different school. An approximate 21 children were reached.
  • Five children at Gibraltar All-Age Schoo plus siblings in the month of November. An approximate 17 children were reached.
The commitment was to provide data for three months so December is our last month and we feel that the remaining funds that we have are sufficient to cover data cost for that period. None of the amounts that we received went to any administrative cost. In fact, Board Members contributed to this campaign from their personal resources.
Daughters of Sheba Foundation was formed in August 2020 as a Canadian non-profit organization. Our primary Vision to “Uplift Women and Children Out of Poverty.” The Student Data Grant Inititiative was our way of immediately responding to an urgent need, touching one the most vital social development – education.
Again, thank all who contributed for their generosity. You can still donate to support our general efforts. It would be greatly appreciated. You could also send us a message if you have questions.

Student Data Grant


Our “Student Data Grant” initiative is aimed at raising funds to pay for the monthly data cost for some children in selected schools in rural Jamaica. On average, the main providers of data service on the island charges anywhere from C$20+ for 30-days.

We plan to provide this support from October 1, 2020, through to December 2020.

The aim is to raise at least US$300 monthly during that time. None of your donations will go to any administrative cost. With the child’s parents permission and if you wish, we will provide you with their contact information so that you can confirm receipt of the data. As well, again with the parents’ permission, we will be posting pictures of the students that your overall donations assisted.

Can You Help?

We have set up a campaign through Fundly to receive and process donations. Do visit the campaign and chose a giving package that fits your budget. Thank you so much!