Support Initiatives For Women

Support Initiatives for women by the Daughters of Sheba Foundation covers several areas.

Our aim is to help women directly with skills-training and upgrading, micro-business projects and educational upgrading. This may take the form of:

  • funding for short training courses at recognised and certified educational institutions that will lead to the start of their own businesses
  • funding (partial) for the startup of a micro-business
  • payment of school fees (full) for medium-term programmes at a recognised institution that will lead to full employment

How Can You Help?

Glad that you asked. 😏

You can help us provide these supports one of three ways:

  • Make a one-time contribution of C$50
  • Commit to a monthly/recurring donation of C$30 (cancel at any time)
  • Donate a lump sum of C$150 for the year


There are costs associated with administering any programme and here at Daughters of Sheba Foundation, our commitment to donors is being accountable.

We report monthly on our activities on our blog and shared them on our social media profiles. Rest assured that your donations will be dedicated to providing the supports of this campaign. Administrative costs related to this campaign will mainly be bank fees and charges to send payments to schools and/or book stores. Our Treasurer, Gloria Rose-Saunders, upon reasonable requests by donors, will provide copies financial report for this campaign.

Support for Women Updates

This is our 2021 recipients who gave permission to publicise their story, names and photographs.

Karen – Manchester, Jamaica
Karen is a seamstress, living and working in Manchester, Jamaica. She wrote to us requesting support. Karen has a micro-business and, in her words:
“I have been doing sewing for the past 3 years. I did a course in drapery making but it was a short one. I would like to go back and finish up.”
Her immediate need, however, was to branch out her current business and without getting into her business strategy, we sent what she required to the value of approximately C$110.
With this relatively small support, Karen will be on her way to creating new designs for her clients and having the resources to go back to school to finish up her other garment/sewing courses.
This is exactly how we prefer to support – “teach to fish” – in that way, supporting women to stand on their own two feet.
support for Novelette – Kingston, Jamaica

Our goal is to help and lift one woman, one child at-a-time through economic, educational and/or skills training.

Novelette Morgan-Whittaker is one of our top fans and she has been helping herself for the longest time but life and COVID-19 happened. This affected her family’s income. She is an Early Childhood Practitioner who has been trying, on her own, to upgrade her knowledge and skills base.

She enrolled in the H.E.A.R.T/NTA Early Childhood Programme at Level 4. When completed she will have what equals an Associate Degree. However, Novelette did not have the fees that she has been delaying payment to the school. Time was running out though.

As a fan of Daughters of Sheba Foundation on Facebook, Novelette said she heard Claudette mention that the Foundation will seek to support at least two women in 2021 with a programme at the H.E.A.R.T/NTA. So when we started a Q&A on Thursday, February 25, 2021, she connected with Claudette for support.

The Board quickly reviewed her situation and decided to fund Novelette’s fee of J$13,800.

This is what we do and how we serve – one woman, one child at-a-time, “teaching” them to fish so that they may eat (and feed their families) for life.

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