We started as a Facebook group in 2012. Originally created for “big woman-talk” among women with a past, of a certain age and finding their joy.
Our theme then and now is: “Blessed are Women whose hearts and souls are joined together by laughter and tears for they shall be known as Sistahs!

The group went silent on and off but in 2020. However, after the tragic loss of her husband, the Founder, Claudette Esterine-Campbell, sought an outlet for her pain. She turned to her long-held passion and decided to reach out to women and children at large to share and lift them up out of their pain. As such, Daughters of Sheba Foundation went public.

Incorporated in Canada, Daughters of Sheba Foundation has a representative in Edmonton, Alberta and two in Kingston, Jamaica. Its Members and Board of Directors comprise only women.

Daily, we add new dimensions to our work. We have actively started support and outreach to our communities. Thanks to the private Donors assisting us.