Gift Of Positivity: Did You Get Yours? Time To Use It!

Gift of Positivity – did you get yours? Did you even open the box or is it still sitting on the porch or in a closet locked away?

Do Not Let Your Gift Be Stolen

I think the devil comes in all different forms. It can be likened to a camp stalker. He enjoys the job of being stationed in our minds, creating havoc especially when peace is trying to be attained, when light tries to shine through or when weary legs aim to be steadied and when focus attempts to steady its gaze. The devil knows that if pictures are painted of uncertainty, fear and insecurity, then the purpose of our trip will be defeated. No one will enjoy what was meant to be fun.

giftThe same is true in our lives. The devil knows exactly how we feel. He knows when we are tired and worn down. The tests of life can have us feeling torn and feeling run over as if by freight trains. He knows when we just need a break, a breather. But he also knows that at this point, we are most fragile and vulnerable, which is when he nicely opens the door to our minds and steps in.

You Have A Choice

But alas! We have the ability (the will is there somewhere) to reach out and grasp positivity. No matter what is going on in our lives, through the power of our faith, we can wrap our minds around the positive influences. It does not matter how minuscule they appear. Our resolve makes us flexible enough to allow us to do so. Even if the negative thoughts get in, they cannot stay there. It is like adding wax to a car. The rains will come but the water will roll right off. It will not settle there.

Source has determined from you were conceived and that there will be battles, but you will not be unarmed. You have the ability to fight!

Believe that nothing that the devil brings into your space will overtake you. It is the ‘worst-case scenario’.  No financial struggle, no family issues, no job insecurity or loss, no alleged inadequacy, no sickness or no cancer, nothing is bigger than the Ultimate Provider.

giftUse Your Gift

Live like you are sure that this day belongs to you to conquer, to learn, to fight another day. Do not let anything steal the joy of today!. This day is God’s gift to you.

Be territorial about it. Like a toddler, hold on to it with the firmest grip you have. Enjoy it. STAY AND BE POSITIVE.

Have a blessed day,


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