Unhealthy Habits Will Be Your Downfall: Don’t Play Into Them!

Unhealthy habits are your most dangerous weaknesses. Do not play into them!

Our greatest enemies are those that dwell inside of us. The bad habits, like unhealthy eating habits or the addiction to people and things that we know and have proven not to be good for us. The bitterness and negativity that we allow to settle in our hearts are also unhealthy habits.

The tear-jerking moments as we reminisce, the heartbreaks and the morbid thoughts all serve one purpose which is to rob us of our peace, our joy and our love for life. These are the things that cause us to be weak, leading us down a road that is not where our Father’s ordained purpose lies. It is up to us to stop playing around with these weaknesses.

unhealthyIf you know that what you are engaging in or entertaining is not healthy for your body or spirit, break the cycle! I know it is hard to just stop, but if you practice anything, you will become better at it.

So if your weakness is unhealthy eating, slowly change that habit by eating differently, day after day. If you know you are a worrier, then start seeing the glass as half full instead of half empty. Be grateful for what you have, believing that the same God that provides the half that you see, will give you more.

Do not entertain your weaknesses. Instead, work on overcoming them. You can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens you. For his strength is made perfect in weakness. Do not allow the weaknesses to overpower you. Instead, work at overthrowing them.


Clara 💕

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