The Past Has Passed: So, Leave It Where It Belongs!

“The past is never where you think you left it.”― Katherine Anne Porter


Living from a place of ‘might have been’, will distract you and you will miss out on ‘what could have been’. Our history has the power to steal our passion and present. It can prevent us from embracing God’s purpose that he placed in our hearts. Yes, overcoming unfortunate occurrences can be hard. However, if we choose to embrace the hurt and acknowledge the pain and still push through that pain, moving forward in faith, we become unstoppable.

Do not allow your yesterday to keep your tomorrow behind bars. Let go and let God transition you over to the next side. Allow God to take you to and through the next phase of your life that is filled with possibilities. You are not what you did or what happened to you. You are who God says you are. His child.

Leave The Past In The Past

the pastTomorrow is a new day. Leave the past in the past. Move past your past. Step into tomorrow with a new perspective on life. Choose to live life from a place of positive possibilities instead of unfortunate occurrences.

You have absolutely nothing to lose. God is with you. His plans for your life is a LIFE-time commitment.  You are free from the past. Why don’t you decide to free you as well?

You are an eagle created to soar not to dwell with the chickens. You are the lion created to roar.  A broken leg does not turn you into a chicken. Prepare to climb into your best self. The leg will heal. Do not allow your injury or setback to ground you on the tarmac of disappointment, self-pity or distraction.  Rev your engine of faith, determination and focus. LIFT-OFF!

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Peace be with you, my friends.💕

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