Monday Motivation: 6 More Ways To Keep Going In Tough Times

Monday. That was the day of the week that I entered the world over five decades ago. That probably explains, if you believe in those things, why Monday was not a day that was disliked by me.

Monday Morning Blues

Just after my 50th birthday, which I spent at Clara Brown‘s house in Jamaica and who hosted a poolside bash for me, the thought crossed my mind – “What next?”

Those closest to me will tell you that over my lifetime the hats that have adorned my head are legion. Since leaving high school, my journey has taken me across the Caribbean, Europe, and North America. My jobs have been as varied as the places and people I have met along the way.

From junior secretary in a legal firm, personal assistant for a restaurateur, Communications Specialist for several Ministers of Government to Marketing & Communications Manager for a regional organization, my job titles have sounded impressive but the work was uninspiring, to say the least.

Not necessarily the brightest girl in my high school class, street smarts, the gift of the gab and keen listening skills were something that most could not claim. After my education took me all the way to Russia and back, the field of communications was my next significant-stop, but something remained missing for several years.

However, throughout all this time, I never hated Monday, not really.

It Will Pan Out Someday

In my heart, I knew that my life experiences were to be shared but how and with whom were unclear. Until the Worldwide Web came into my house. That was when this leg of the journey began. My blogging life kicked into gear with my first venture with the title Comforting Words. New but excited about the possibilities, I poured my heart out – maybe a bit more than I was really ready for and it would come to an abrupt end years later with another blow in my personal life.

As life would have it, the wish to write and share my story with even one never died. Moving to Canada was the beginning of the next phase, launched by my training in chaplaincy. I would pick up the pen again a few years later and started the Daughter of Sheba group on Facebook. This would evolve and now here we are.

Throughout, books, quotes and spiritual guides and mentors would motivate me, pulling me back from the brink of suicide and kept me going. The following piece was first published on February 19, 2014 – four days after my 50th and it is my gift to anyone – male or female – who today or any day might feel that they have had enough. It is my six (6) steps to keep moving on.

How To Stop Striving And Instead S.T.R.I.VE.

You keep doing and doing, but it seems to continually elude you.

Every morning you get up, dress your best, be one of the first to arrive, maybe you even put on the coffee and have lunch at your desk but come promotion time – bypassed!

Bought the car but it is not the dream one. Maybe in the next couple of years, you can. Got a mortgage but only for one bedroom so the living room is the makeshift bedroom for your child. That will improve say in five years, you think.

You dress well, your body not in too bad a shape and your face is really easy on any beholder’s eyes, but the love of your life seem to be blind! On all or some, a couple or even one front you are striving to succeed, but it just is not happening. Fatigue is setting in, not to mention frustration. Every motivational, relationship and financial expert you consult tell you to “keep at it, girl!”

For how much longer? That is your question!

It certainly was mine. Then I stopped. I checked myself. No warning other than sitting at rock bottom on the relationship, then financial fronts and there was nowhere else to go. Nothing seemed to work for me until I learned to stop my striving and struggling. A believer that like attracts like, eventually it became crystal clear to me that for all my striving, I was getting more reasons to strive and struggle.

The moment stillness – literally, spiritually and emotionally – became my stance, things began to change for me.

Yet to win a multimillion-dollar lottery, I am comfortable with my finances. Still single, I am happy with the relationship with me and that which I have with dear friends. Every would-be financial or relationship challenge that formerly might have had me flapping about in a panic, now find me calmly taking them in S.T.R.I.D.E:

Source provides

This too shall pass

Right answers always come

am capable

Deal with what is

Embrace the lesson and move on

“Take every endeavour in your stride. If it succeeds it is wonderful, if there is a setback, it is experience.” Anil Sinha

So, no more Monday morning blues. No blues period because of your job, your relationship or your situation. STRIDE and know that it might take some time, but it will not be forever.

If ever you need to talk, know that we here at Daughters of Sheba Foundation are happy to chat with you. Should we not be able to assist you, we will find someone who can. Link us through our social media profiles – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We simply love interacting with you.

Peace and Love,


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