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How To Dance To Every One Of Your Own Heartbeat

Before we even arrived in Edmonton and unpacked our bags, my heartbeat was already attuned to the culture of the Aboriginal people of Canada. I soon began my search for more information about their spirituality, leafing through the tourist brochures that my then-partner brought home. While the primary purpose for these was for planning trips … Read More

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Prematurity Day: My Family’s Story Of An Early Arrival

“Prematurity Day seeks to raise awareness about premature birth and the complications that can occur. A premature baby is one who is born too early, usually before 37 weeks. Premature birth can lead to health problems during development including physical and mental disabilities.” Thankfully, seven plus years later and that is not how our story … Read More

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Here Is How You Can Stop Slowly Killing Yourself

Killing yourself, albeit slowly? Do you know anyone who hangs on for dear life even though the situation they are in is literally or at least emotionally killing them? When my first marriage slipped off the rocks and was rapidly heading to the bottom of a very steep cliff, some people advised me to work … Read More

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