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One Proud “Bossy” Woman

"Bossy." Over the years while this label has died down a bit, I noticed there was  some campaign or another to ban the word "bossy."…
mother's day

We Need To Reclaim The Original Intent Of Mother’s Day

"We need to reclaim the original intent of Mother’s Day," by Sarita Srivastava, Queen's University, Ontario I vividly recall the first time my kids made me…

A Simple Question: “Why?”

Why? That is the question we are proposing that you ask yourself to understand why you do what you do. Why are you in a…

Level Up Your Life: Take Full Responsibility For It!

Responsibility is another of those hard words for many people. They behave that not every action taken by them is theirs to own. Wrong. Learning…

Rewriting Your Script, Daily

Script - whose is it, anyway? The answer to that question is the point. The waste paper bin is filled with so many discarded pages.…

International Literacy Day: Help Another Read

Read a book day. That is what we are observing today. Then on Thursday, it's Literacy Day. In a time of social media, everything being…

Laughter – The Best Medicine

Laughter was the furthest thing from my lips that day back in 2014. Here is the story. "Today was full of it. Travelling to work…

Second Anniversary – Daughters of Sheba Foundation

Anniversary #2 This month, we here are focused on helping women reclaim and stand in their power and we are indeed standing in ours as…

Power: It’s Within You So Claim And Consciouly Use It Now!

Power - yours and mine - is within. Not with the government, your parents, or any other external circumstance. The minute we learn and embrace…
toxic relationship

Are You In A Toxic Relationship?

We often think that toxic relationships occur only in intimate relationships but that really is not accurate. Toxicity can arise among friends, parent-child, co-workers, and…