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First Nations Kids Make Up About 20% Of Missing Children

"First Nations kids make up about 20% of missing children, but get a fraction of the media coverage," by Silke Meyer, Monash University; Eugene Hyman, Santa…

What We Get Wrong About Self-Esteem

"What we get wrong about self-esteem: It’s built through actions, not words," by Simon Sherry, Dalhousie University Self-esteem is the sense of value we have for…
black women

Black Women Need To Wake Up

The following article, Black Women Need To Wake Up, was written by my beautiful daughter and posted on her Facebook page in 2010. She permitted…

Employers Need To Prioritize Employee Mental Health

"Employers need to prioritize employee mental health if they want to attract new talent," by Stephen Friedman, York University, Canada Canadian employers are currently facing significant…

Eat, Pray … Boycott? Elizabeth Gilbert’s Withdrawn Novel Is A Valid Act Of Cultural Resistance

"Eat, Pray … Boycott? Elizabeth Gilbert’s withdrawn novel is a valid act of cultural resistance," by Marty Branagan, University of New England Elizabeth Gilbert, the…
social media

4 Ways To Have A Positive Experience On Social Media

"4 ways to have a positive experience when engaging with social media," by Lisa Tang, University of Guelph and Stephanie K. Nishi, Universitat Rovira i Virgili…
be good

Is It Good For You To Be Good?

"Is it good for you to be good?" by Thomas Culham, Simon Fraser University When I was very young, five or six, my parents always told…
modern slavery

Canada’s Modern Slavery Act Is The Start — Not The End

"Canada’s Modern Slavery Act is the start — not the end — of efforts to address the issue in supply chains." by Kam Phung, Simon Fraser…

Green With Rage: Women Climate Change Leaders Face Online Attacks

"Green with rage: Women climate change leaders face online attacks" by Tracey Raney, Toronto Metropolitan University and Mackenzie Gregory, Toronto Metropolitan University Women leaders who…
lose weight

Is It True The Faster You Lose Weight The Quicker It Comes Back?

"Is it true the faster you lose weight the quicker it comes back? Here’s what we know about slow and fast weight loss" by Nick…