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Imagine Yourself ~ Situational Mental Health

Now is the time for all of us to develop our mental health capacity to thrive Developing our capacity to thrive through learning the skills…
eldest daughter

What Is ‘Eldest Daughter Syndrome’ And How Can We Fix It?

"What is ‘eldest daughter syndrome’ and how can we fix it?" by Yang Hu, Lancaster University Have you heard of “eldest daughter syndrome”? It’s the emotional…

Our Past: What Makes Emotional Healing So Hard?

When I was 5 years old our family moved to Starkville, Mississippi. My dad had secured a position as a research scientist at Miss. State…

As Canada Welcomes Historic Numbers Of Immigrants, How Can Communities Be More Welcoming?

"As Canada welcomes historic numbers of immigrants, how can communities be more welcoming?" by Leah Hamilton, Mount Royal University; Awish Aslam, Western University; Priscila Ribeiro Prado…

First Nations Kids Make Up About 20% Of Missing Children

"First Nations kids make up about 20% of missing children, but get a fraction of the media coverage," by Silke Meyer, Monash University; Eugene Hyman, Santa…

What We Get Wrong About Self-Esteem

"What we get wrong about self-esteem: It’s built through actions, not words," by Simon Sherry, Dalhousie University Self-esteem is the sense of value we have for…
black women

Black Women Need To Wake Up

The following article, Black Women Need To Wake Up, was written by my beautiful daughter and posted on her Facebook page in 2010. She permitted…

Why Addis Ababa Shouldn’t Criminalise Children Who Beg On Its Streets

"Why Addis Ababa shouldn’t criminalise children who beg on its streets," by Tatek Abebe, Norwegian University of Science and Technology Over half of Ethiopia’s 100 million…

A Change Will Do You Good

"A Change Will Do You Good," by Sharron Myers   As the last rays of summer's warmth ebb away and the gentle breezes of autumn…

The Colour Of Someone’s Skin Doesn’t Equate To Definitive Sameness

"The colour of someone’s skin doesn’t equate to definitive sameness," by Warren Clarke, University of Manitoba Despite the highly publicized 2020 murder of George Floyd and…