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Why Men Overwhelmingly Wear The U.N.’s Blue Helmets

"Why men overwhelmingly wear the U.N.’s blue helmets – a former US ambassador explains why decades of recruiting women peacekeepers have had little effect," by…
mental health

Girls Are In Crisis — And Their Mental Health Needs To Be Taken Seriously

"Girls are in crisis — and their mental health needs to be taken seriously" by Alexe Bernier, McMaster University An article in the Washington Post recently…

What The End Of The Trump Years Means for American And Global Girlhood

"What the end of the Trump years means for American and global girlhood"  by Mayurika Chakravorty, Carleton University In Kamala Harris’s rousing victory speech in…

Ukraine Refugee Crisis Exposes Racism

"Ukraine refugee crisis exposes racism and contradictions in the definition of human" by Philip S. S. Howard, McGill University; Bryan Chan Yen Johnson, McGill University, and…

How White Saviourism Harms International Development

"How white saviourism harms international development" Maïka Sondarjee, L’Université d’Ottawa/University of Ottawa and Dickson Kanakulya, Makerere University A little while ago, two comedians on a…
common good

Rewarding “Good” Companies—How the Economy for the Common Good Wants to Change the World

The Economy for the Common Good (ECG) is an alternative to the existing economic model of capitalism, including the pursuit of profit and constant growth.…

Stressed Out, Burned Out And Dropping Out: Why Teachers Are Leaving The Classroom

"Stressed out, burned out and dropping out: Why teachers are leaving the classroom" by Tuan D. Nguyen, Kansas State University Many school districts across the…

What To Expect From The Reign Of King Charles III

"What to expect from the reign of King Charles III" by Stephen Clear, Bangor University The sad news of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II marks…

Professor In India Lost Her Job Over A Bikini Photo. What Does This Say About Misogyny?

"A professor in India lost her job over a bikini photo on Instagram. What does this say about misogyny?" by Deeplina Banerjee, Western University News recently…

Second Anniversary – Daughters of Sheba Foundation

Anniversary #2 This month, we here are focused on helping women reclaim and stand in their power and we are indeed standing in ours as…