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What Is Resilience? A Psychologist Explains The Main Ingredients

"What is resilience? A psychologist explains the main ingredients that help people manage stress," by Rachel Goldsmith Turow, Seattle University The word resilience can be perplexing.…

The Rise Of The Irate Customer: Post-Pandemic Rudeness

"The rise of the irate customer: Post-pandemic rudeness, and the importance of rediscovering patience," by Laura Hambley, University of Calgary and Madeline Springle, University of Calgary…

How Small Acts Of Kindness Can Make You Happier

"How small acts of kindness can make you happier and healthier," by Meena Andiappan, University of Toronto How to optimize the pursuit of well-being and…

Stuck In The Waiting Room: Why Women And Minority Groups Are Still Underrepresented

"Stuck in the waiting room: Why women and minority groups are still underrepresented in top management," by Louise Champoux-Paillé, Concordia University and Anne-Marie Croteau, Concordia University…
breast cancer awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness Is Not Enough

"Breast cancer awareness is not enough: Public health strategies need to be based on prevention," by Jane E. McArthur, University of Windsor I’m tired of…

Storytelling Allows Elders To Transfer Values And Meaning To Younger Generations

"Storytelling allows elders to transfer values and meaning to younger generations," by Mary Ann McColl, Queen's University, Ontario If you spent time over the holidays with…

Why Men Overwhelmingly Wear The U.N.’s Blue Helmets

"Why men overwhelmingly wear the U.N.’s blue helmets – a former US ambassador explains why decades of recruiting women peacekeepers have had little effect," by…

Tolerating Distraction

Distraction: Tolerating Distraction by David Marno, University of California, Berkeley A constant complaint in our unpredictable world is that we live in an age of distraction.…

Prematurity Day: My Family’s Story Of An Early Arrival

"Prematurity Day seeks to raise awareness about premature birth and the complications that can occur. A premature baby is one who is born too early,…

History Repeats Itself Until The Lesson Is Learned: What A Disaster Can Teach Us

Disaster? I have experienced one. A few in fact. Let me share with you one that would change how I deal with pregnancy, prenatal care…