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Tolerating Distraction

Distraction: Tolerating Distraction by David Marno, University of California, Berkeley A constant complaint in our unpredictable world is that we live in an age of distraction. I am quick to label students who stare at their phones in my class as distracted; politicians dismiss inconvenient questions by calling them a distraction; and when we find distraction … Read More

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Prematurity Day: My Family’s Story Of An Early Arrival

“Prematurity Day seeks to raise awareness about premature birth and the complications that can occur. A premature baby is one who is born too early, usually before 37 weeks. Premature birth can lead to health problems during development including physical and mental disabilities.” Thankfully, seven plus years later and that is not how our story … Read More

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True Or False? Men And Women Face Violence In Their Relationships Equally

“True Or False? Men And Women Face Violence In Their Relationships Equally” by C. Nadine Wathen A woman or girl is killed in Canada every 2.5 days. In a recent interview with Maclean’s magazine, Maryam Monsef, Canada’s minister for women and gender equality, called the problem of gender-based violence a “four-alarm fire.” Gender-based violence happens … Read More

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Basic Income: A No-Brainer In Economic Hard Times

Basic income: A no-brainer in economic hard times by Catherine L. Mah  Ontario’s minister of children, community and social services just announced that the Canadian province’s landmark basic income pilot project would be terminated. Lisa MacLeod did not offer an alternative for moving forward, apart from a vague mention of a better plan in 100 … Read More

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How Money Is Destroying The World

How Money Is Destroying The World by Mike Sosteric In a widely cited confessional in the New York Times in 2014, former Wall Street trader Sam Polk outed himself as a recovering wealth addict. He intimated a toxic childhood and an abusive parent a common theme in the biographies of addicts. He revealed, the exhilaration … Read More

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Five Things To Say No Thanks To And Never Repeat

Five, yes, here are five things that you ought to say, “No thanks,” and never repeat. Before getting into the details of those five things, let me give you the back story. Repeat Performances Every day of the week is special to me. This has been the case for about five years now. There was … Read More

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