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Tolerating Distraction

Distraction: Tolerating Distraction by David Marno, University of California, Berkeley A constant complaint in our unpredictable world is that we live in an age of distraction.…

Prematurity Day: My Family’s Story Of An Early Arrival

"Prematurity Day seeks to raise awareness about premature birth and the complications that can occur. A premature baby is one who is born too early,…

History Repeats Itself Until The Lesson Is Learned: What A Disaster Can Teach Us

Disaster? I have experienced one. A few in fact. Let me share with you one that would change how I deal with pregnancy, prenatal care…

“Brand Yourself,” She Insisted. Response “I Am A New Thought Womanist”

"A womanist is a Black feminist or feminist of colour. Black American activist and author Alice Walker used the term to describe Black women who…

True Or False? Men And Women Face Violence In Their Relationships Equally

"True Or False? Men And Women Face Violence In Their Relationships Equally" by C. Nadine Wathen A woman or girl is killed in Canada every…

Read The Signs For Crying Out Loud! Need I Say It Again?

"Learn fast, read the signs!" Believe I have mentioned this before but here goes again.  In a previous article, I told the story that soon…

Basic Income: A No-Brainer In Economic Hard Times

Basic income: A no-brainer in economic hard times by Catherine L. Mah  Ontario’s minister of children, community and social services just announced that the Canadian…

But…But…BUT I CAN’T!!! Really? Who Said So, My Dear Friends?

"Can't. I can't. I really can't!" Today, I am sharing and challenging you to consider how does stress and anxiety impact you? For some of…

How Money Is Destroying The World

How Money Is Destroying The World by Mike Sosteric In a widely cited confessional in the New York Times in 2014, former Wall Street trader…
five things

Five Things To Say No Thanks To And Never Repeat

Five, yes, here are five things that you ought to say, "No thanks," and never repeat. Before getting into the details of those five things,…