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Why Some Words Hurt Some People And Not Others

Why some words hurt some people and not others by Dalla Malé Fofana The October 2020 controversy at the University of Ottawa surrounding the use of the n-word reminded us that there are parts of our history — such as the transatlantic slave trade, the Holocaust or the repression of First Nations — that must … Read More

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How To Bounce Back From Life’s Big Stuff Moments

How to bounce back when life throws you down? Do you know how? Resiliency is starting to get more and more attention. Personal resilience helps us stay healthier, get better in school, have happier relationships, experience more joy and do better in our jobs. Family resilience also offers that and makes for better neighbours and … Read More

Stop Being Tolerated: The ABC To Self Celebrate

Stop. Seems as if we keep telling you to stop doing, accepting or allowing so many things. Today’s Stop Sign was installed by a conversation with Clara Brown, one of the Directors here at Daughters of Sheba Foundation. Celebrate Good Times For almost two decades now, we have heard preachers, politicians and ordinary folk alike … Read More

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