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Online Wellness Content: 3 Ways To Tell Evidence-Based Health Information From Pseudoscience

“Online wellness content: 3 ways to tell evidence-based health information from pseudoscience,” by Michelle Cohen, Queen’s University, Ontario “I drink borax!” proclaims the smiling TikToker. Holding up a box of the laundry additive, she rhymes off a list of its supposed … Continue reading

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Winning Ways Women Can Make Money Online

COVID-19 has stretched budgets thin across the country, but many women have lost tons of money due to losing their jobs or having to take fewer hours to work at home to care for children. Women in particular need to … Continue reading

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Keeping Up With Technology: How Well Are You Doing On That Front?

“Keeping up with the Joneses” -almost sure you have heard that saying. However, today we want to briefly ask you how well are you keeping up with technology? COVID-19 And The Scramble Just about everyone that you and I know … Continue reading

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