Never Forget Your Own Story From Where You Came

“Never forget those who go out of their way to help or harm you.” ― Stewart Stafford

My friends who really know me know that I am a proud product of “from whence I  came. “ My stories are foundational,  wrapped up, tied up and tangled up in who I  am today.

Never Forgetting Your Roots

I do have friends who never want to be reminded of their childhood or upbringing. Perhaps that is because it does not fit in with where they are now or who they portray themselves to be.

never forgetAs we traverse life’s journey, going through different seasons of our lives, we sometimes forget where we started. Our true stories are suppressed and left behind in our past, locked up in the “tombstone of our minds.” In those ‘graveyards’,  we have the tendency to forget the role Grace and Mercy played in moving us from where we started to where we are now.

Building Blocks

I implore you to never forget your story. These are the building blocks and foundation of who you are.  You have been spared many things and places, as those circumstances were never meant to be a part of your life’s tapestry. They were not the plans God had for you.

Do not ignore the impact of your story. It may be the story that someone hanging on the last thread of hope needs to hear. Your story might pull them back for the ledge. Use your story to remind yourself how faithful God has been to you. Do not allow the shame of the past to keep you from seeing and referencing His faithfulness in your life.

We all need our stories as we forge forward in faith. As we passionately live our lives, we are becoming better versions of ourselves each day. Use your story as a stepping stone to higher ground and in the process, to lift someone else higher.

Tell your story.
Live through your story
Your story is yours…own it

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