When the BIG Stuff Happens to You, What Do You Do? Here Are Some Tips

Big Stuff happens. They happen to ALL of us!

What do you do when you hit a wall with one of life’s BIG Stuff events? What could you do, when you feel overwhelmed? Who do you connect with? When?

When Big Stuff Strikes

Trigger WarningFor some this column could contain trigger words or phrases.

First, there is no wrong answer(s), feelings or thoughts unless self-harm or harm of others is a potential.

Second, each of us uses language differently. So words and phrases that I find easy to use and 100% acceptable you might not enjoy or find mildly to very disrespectful. I look forward to a respectful discussion if any of the content you find here you disagree with.

So, all words and phrases used here have been used with respect by others in conversation with me as their coach, trainer, friend and or neighbour.  Do let me know what you think.

Many of them I have heard many times and a few are relatively new to me.
So what do you do? What have you done? What should you do to support yourself when life’s BIG Stuff challenges strike?

big stuffIt Happens To All Of Us

So it happens to all of us. Something BIG happens and hurts. What do you do?

Create a quiet space for yourself and use it to:

  • read a book
  • watch a movie
  • take a soak in the tub (if space is in a bathroom)
  • call a friend
  • write a letter
  • write in your journal
  • visit a friend
  • go to a special spot for reflection
  • calming through steady movement or stillness via music, sounds of nature, a mediation practise

Create and use the active time for:

  • energizing through activity and or conversation and or observation
  • go to a special spot to burn off some energy and unwind

Get out and about and:

  • walk around your floor, your building, your block, to the park, around the office
  • walk and a talk ( A good business friend Gail taught me this)
  • do a meditative walk; no talking
  • practice Yoga
  • take up Martial Arts
  • Hike and/or go Biking
  • go swimming

Go see:

  • your Therapist
  • a Mental Health Expert
  • the Stretch Coach as in stretch thinking and feeling into a better pattern
  • a Wellness Coach
  • your Mental Health Tune-Up Coach
  • where you can volunteer

Going in for a:

– Check up from the Neck Up!
– A Mental Health Tune UP,
– A Good Old Fashion Check-Up
– A Rant and Rave!!

big stuffWhen Should You Start?

Why not right now?

Check out this Chair a relaxation exercise. It has helped me change how I respond to stress and anxiety.

I had a seven-year battle with two bouts of cancer and a failed medical procedure that ended up with me having emergency surgery at midnight. This exercise, helped me and it can help you make a significant difference in your life.

Here is another way to help you practise calmness. the exercise is called a:
Quick Tension Scan or a QTS.  This is another one to do for 28 days and before every meal and again about 10 – 20 minutes before bedtime. Try practising it three or four times a week for maintenance.

So this article was not intended to be a thorough list. It is meant to stimulate a conversation with yourself or with someone, you can trust.

Being stuck is not fun. Ask for help.

So let me leave you with a couple of question. How do you see life’s stressful situations? Is it a time to learn lessons or an ultimatum?

For those of us who work towards seeing each stressful situation as a lesson to be learned, it can be much less stressful. Who do you have on your support team?

We all need and deserve one. The time to build one is now.

So until next time, Imagine Yourself with more Resiliency for Life.



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