Happy Birthday Indeed

Happy Birthday.  Happy Birthday to Me!

For the first six or seven years of my life, my mother religiously threw a birthday party for me. Then they stopped for some reason. I think money became a real challenge by my seventh year.

Noticeable as it was even to my small mind that the parties had come to an end, it was not devastating. Somewhere in my memory, there are images of confusion and strife between my mother and stepfather around these parties. The young me clearly understood that the celebration was not embraced by all or wrapped in total love.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen

The next time there was a birthday party, hosted by my mother, would be my “Sweet Sixteen.” My memory of this the last party that she would throw for me is again not completely pleasant. I do, however, recall having a serious crush on someone – a boy named Errol and he did not turn up for the big event. The funny thing is, someone else had a crush on me and did turn up, unfortunately, as this was an experience a girl of that age ought not to have had.

Before you the reader get the wrong impression, let me quickly say that while my journey was full of pits and falls, I truly feel blessed for everyone. Now at this point, on this day February 15, 2022, celebrating my 57th birthday, I can with conviction say, “My life is rich and I am grateful.” 

Birthday Parties Past And Future

My last birthday party was my 50th and that was held in Jamaica. Prior to that, I had a birthday party in 2006 here in Edmonton, Alberta. It was a fun-filled pyjama party that had my then partner cheating right in front of me!

My next big bash, my 60th, if I am granted the time, will be February 15, 2025. It will be a bash and a bang whether I am celebrating it alone or in the company of friends. The vision of the occasion is already imprinted on my imagination, awaiting execution. My Beloved will be there as always.

My Beloved is Spirit and Spirit takes the form of who or what I need for the highest and widest expansion at the moment. That is the lesson of all these birthday parties – embrace them and the memory of them for the essence of what they were.

Happy Birthday in 2022

happy birthdayToday, I am celebrating this birthday with friends near and far. I thank each and everyone for the early phone calls and greetings. Honoured I am by the messages and conversations.

Bittersweet it is because the one who had my attention for a while has made his untimely transition.

Many moons ago, Oprah’s closing piece in her magazine includes these words: “This I Know For Sure.” I borrow them today and say,

“I know for sure that Love is real, has always been and forever will be as long as we are.”

Love has been with me, amidst the parties and when the music was barely discernible. So, I am full of gratitude for another year and more chances to expand into what I am, which is Love.



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