Power of Words: Do You Know The Might Of Your Speech?

Power. That is the best way to describe our speech.

It happened many many years ago. Long before I was born. Yet it impacted my family in a very profound way. One nasty comment changed the course of many lives.

powerThe Power Of One Nasty Word

It seemed one man felt superior to another. He told my Grandfather to “know his place”. Ouch. Seems he felt my hard-working Grandfather should not attempt to better himself and a lot of his family.

That comment along with a few other factors meant Granddad and Grandmother booked a one-way ticket with their family and made their way to Canada.

Fast forward and one of his Grandchildren (not me) has a business that employs over 67 staff. So think of what that one hateful comment contributed to. My Grandparents changed countries in part due to that nasty rhetoric. Now his former country and part of my heritage are short 67 taxpayers. Then again on the other hand Canada is 67 taxpayers ahead because of one of my grandfather’s children. I know another one (not me) who helped a firm of 25+ move from bankruptcy into profitability and they now employ over 25 people.

Discussing Hot Button Issues

So, when we discuss hot button issues and topics the opinions of others are what they are. However when they demean, reduce, objectify, sideline (and so many other things) use caution on how you deal with them.

Others are entitled to their opinion. However, agreeing with opinions that reduce others will in the end reduce what others think of you. In some cases, they can cut you right out of their lives. That is the power of words. Collaboration and cooperation are powerful and uplifting ways to live.

Our world is currently running on FEAR. Many when operating on fear react and reduce or stop thinking based on facts. Instead, they operate far too often on feelings. Rhetoric and misconceptions become the keys to how people act and react to each other and the news of the day.

powerSo use extreme caution when those you listen to, influence you and share time with you use hate and language that divides to build engagement with you. It tells me quite a bit about what sort of person they are and the values and morals they have. They are not using language that builds healthy countries, organizations, cities, families or individuals.

Yes, inclusion takes more effort, more skill, and more patience. However, dividing people is a fool’s game. Much easier to run, get people on board and claim victory. However at what cost? At what cost?

The quote “Those that don’t know or understand history are doomed to repeat it,” is used often for a powerful reason.

So until next time, Imagine Yourself with more Resiliency for Life.



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