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Trauma And Transformation – A Psychologist On Why Difficult Experiences Can Radically Change Us

"Trauma and transformation – a psychologist on why difficult experiences can radically change us," by Steve Taylor, Leeds Beckett University It’s human instinct to avoid…

Cure For The Perpetual Helper: Answer These Questions And Be Healed

Perpetual: continuing forever or for a very long time without stopping happening all the time or very often Once upon a time, in a land…

How To Be Poor In Spirit Despite How Much Money You Have

Poor: In pocket or in spirit? Which are you or are you both? That is a question I asked myself some years ago. And the…

Here Is How You Can Stop Slowly Killing Yourself

Killing yourself, albeit slowly? Do you know anyone who hangs on for dear life even though the situation they are in is literally or at…
breaking bad

Breaking Bad: What Does A Crime Series Has To Do With Searching Your Soul?

Breaking Bad - did you watch it? Of the five seasons, I watched three of the critically acclaimed Breaking Bad crime drama.  As is my…

Call In The Women! Chrystia Freeland And Kamala Harris’s New Roles Respond To The Times

"Call in the women! Chrystia Freeland and Kamala Harris’s new roles respond to the times" by Peggy Nash, Ryerson University What a groundbreaking week this has…
women small-business owners

4 Reasons Why Now Is The Best Time For Women Small-Business Owners To Further Their Education

Women small-business owners, this one is for you. The tale of the college drop-out who went on to create a unicorn, while being inspiring can…

Bipolar Disorder: Explainer – What Is It?

Bipolar Disorder - "Explainer: what is bipolar disorder?" by Greg Murray, Swinburne University of Technology During a manic episode, the main character of popular television series…

The Canadian Senate Briefly Reached Gender Parity — Here’s Why It Matters

Senate. "The Canadian Senate briefly reached gender parity — here’s why it matters" by Elizabeth McCallion, Queen's University, Ontario At the end of 2020, Canada…

Self-Discovery – When Was The Last Time You Went On The Mission?

Self-Discovery. People often learn something about themselves and may find that they have grown in some respect as a result of their struggle with loss and grief.…