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As Canada Welcomes Historic Numbers Of Immigrants, How Can Communities Be More Welcoming?

"As Canada welcomes historic numbers of immigrants, how can communities be more welcoming?" by Leah Hamilton, Mount Royal University; Awish Aslam, Western University; Priscila Ribeiro Prado…

Broken System: Why Is A Quarter Of Canada’s Prison Population Indigenous?

"Broken system: Why is a quarter of Canada’s prison population Indigenous?"  Vicki Chartrand, Bishop's University In the wake of the acquittal of Gerald Stanley in…

Not In The Past: Colonialism Is Rooted In The Present

"Not in the past: Colonialism is rooted in the present," by Liam Midzain-Gobin, Brock University and Heather Smith, University of Northern British Columbia At a…
modern slavery

Canada’s Modern Slavery Act Is The Start — Not The End

"Canada’s Modern Slavery Act is the start — not the end — of efforts to address the issue in supply chains." by Kam Phung, Simon Fraser…

Reparations To Indigenous Peoples Are Critical

"Reparations to Indigenous Peoples are critical after Pope’s apology for residential schools" by Catherine Richardson, Concordia University Many people are contemplating Pope Francis’s recent apology for…

This Canada Day, Settler Canadians Should Think About ‘Land Back’

Canada Day: Settler Canadians should think about ‘land back’ by Kaitie Jourdeuil, Queen's University, Ontario Last Canada Day, Parliament Hill teemed with orange as thousands marched…

Call In The Women! Chrystia Freeland And Kamala Harris’s New Roles Respond To The Times

"Call in the women! Chrystia Freeland and Kamala Harris’s new roles respond to the times" by Peggy Nash, Ryerson University What a groundbreaking week this has…

How Women Voters Could Decide The Canadian Federal Election — Again

Election. "How women voters could decide the Canadian federal election — again" by  Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant, Queen's University, Ontario Heading into the federal election campaign’s final…
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The Road To Reconciliation Starts With the UN Declaration On The Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Indigenous Peoples. "The road to reconciliation starts with the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples" by Sheryl Lightfoot, University of British Columbia When…

Newcomers Find Jobs, Prosperity In Atlantic Canada — If They Stay

"Newcomers Find Jobs, Prosperity in Atlantic Canada -- If They Stay" by Kelly Toughill If Anna Tselichtchev had been able to flee rural New Brunswick…