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EU Pay Transparency: Companies Will Have To Disclose How They Pay Employees

The pay gap still exists. Women in the EU continue to be paid less than men. Not only because they tend to work in lower-paid jobs, but also for the same work in the same sector, women are paid less … Continue reading

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Eight Ways You Can Help Women’s Rights

“Eight ways you can help women’s rights” by Jane Arscott, Athabasca University International Women’s Day 2018 marks a pivotal moment for women’s rights, according to the United Nation’s Secretary General, Antonio Guterrez. In the entertainment industry, at workplaces, on social media, … Continue reading

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U.S. Abortion Bans Compel Women To Be Not Just Good Samaritans

“U.S. abortion bans compel women to be not just Good Samaritans, but ‘splendid’ ones” by Kimberley Brownlee, University of British Columbia If a music lovers’ society kidnaps you and attaches you at the kidneys to a famous violinist with a fatal … Continue reading

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