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Dying To Be Seen: Why Women’s Risk For Heart Disease Is Still Higher Than Men’s

"Dying to be seen: Why women’s risk for heart disease and stroke is still higher than men’s in Canada" by  Jacquie Gahagan, Mount Saint Vincent…
long covid

Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About Who Gets Long COVID?

"Why isn’t anyone talking about who gets long COVID?" — Podcast with Lygia Navarro, The Conversation, and Vinita Srivastava, The Conversation Join us for this episode…

Straight Talk About Ageing And How Two Health Issues Affect Your Sex Life

Straight. Real. That is what Daughters of Sheba has always been about. Now that we are an official nonprofit organization, we will still keep it…

COVID-19 Is Not A Hoax: Mask Up And Protect Our Children’s Health

COVID-19 is not a joke and neither is it a hoax. In Canada, to date just under 10,000 people have died from this virus. Where…

3 Women’s Health Issues You Need To Know

Yesterday, one of our Board Members suggested that we talk about this today. Women's health issues. She did not specify any but simply said, "We…