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Imagine Yourself ~ Situational Mental Health

Now is the time for all of us to develop our mental health capacity to thrive Developing our capacity to thrive through learning the skills…

Deepen Your Ability To Spring Back And Thrive With These Four Things

Deepen your resiliency. Resiliency is traditionally defined as our ability to spring back from and successfully adapt to adversity. Why You Should Deepen Your Resiliency Resilient people are…

Finally, Some Changes To Health-Based Discrimination In Canadian Immigration Law

Finally, Some Changes To Health-Based Discrimination In Canadian Immigration Law by Laura Bisaillon, University of Toronto As it currently stands, there is health-based discrimination in…

Beating Coronavirus Requires Faith Leaders To Bridge Gap Between Religion And Science

Beating coronavirus requires faith leaders to bridge the gap between religion and science by Katherine Marshall While many religious communities have embraced physical distancing measures…

Enabling Better Ageing: The 4 Things Seniors Need, And The 4 Things That Need To Change

Enabling better ageing: The 4 things seniors need, and the 4 things that need to change by Don Drummond, and Duncan Sinclair Canada’s population is…

COVID-19 Is Not A Hoax: Mask Up And Protect Our Children’s Health

COVID-19 is not a joke and neither is it a hoax. In Canada, to date just under 10,000 people have died from this virus. Where…

3 Women’s Health Issues You Need To Know

Yesterday, one of our Board Members suggested that we talk about this today. Women's health issues. She did not specify any but simply said, "We…