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Will The Estate Tax Ever Go Away?

Estate Tax: Will It Ever Go Away? by Thomas McNally was originally published in 2010. The "Estate Tax" is the tax that the government puts…

Is It Adultery If My Spouse Doesn’t Know Who I Am Anymore?

Adultery: "Is it ... if my spouse doesn’t know who I am anymore?" by Gillian Leithman, Concordia University In Zoomer magazine’s September 2017 issue, there…

Why Are Fewer People Getting Married?

Married: "Why are fewer people getting married?" by Jay L. Zagorsky, The Ohio State University June kicks off the U.S. wedding season. Whether you love nuptials…

Divorce: The Most Feared Word For Women But Are They Wrong?

Divorce holds deadly connotations for many but that I am not one of them. "What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder." The…

Single And Ready To Mingle? Not So Fast, Remember COVID And Everything Else

Single again. Well, it is way more accurate to say widowed but the effect is the same. Living on my own and besides the grief…

Stability, Spouse Or Sex? Which “S” Comes First For You?

Stability, is that your priority? Or, is it having a spouse or just good sex? It Depends When this post was first published in 2005,…